The Effects of e-Cigarettes on an Oral Cavity

With the recent upsurge of e-cigarettes as an alternative to normal cigarettes, people are using them a whole lot more. However, there is recent evidence that shows that it does a lot more harm to your oral cavity than you first thought. While they do help to counter the effects of using tobacco in many, but the toxic substances and the various nanoparticles in this actually create a much greater worry on your oral cavity. Many Bothell dentists might not bring this up right away, but upon looking further at your oral cavity, it’s obvious something must be done.

The research that is done on this actually shows that these do cause the same problems in cultured cells as it does in human cells. If you don’t now, an e-cigarette is essentially a device that contains an e-liquid or a nicotine-containing chemical that gives a hit to the users by creating an aerosol or a vapor to you when you inhale it.

Now, many people use it, and there are some as young as middle and high school that do partake in this, which is cause for alarm. It is said that about one in six people have used these, and it’s about 15.5% of people that use it, compared to the mere 8.9% cent it was a few years back. While this does help to curb smoking, there are many other problems which cause alarm.

Now, because they are so new, there isn’t a ton of study done on them just yet. Many are still looking to research the side effects. While normal cigarettes have been around for a long time, this requires a lot more scientific testing and research. One team has done so, and there was a test on what two types of bacteria culture go through on the outermost oral cavity when exposed to two types of vapor for about 24 hours in the same way smoking is done in humans.

Now, the findings will show that small particles of metal, carbon, and silica, which are varied in concentration and flavor show up. The vapors do lead to most of the cells dying, about 85%, and the e-cigarettes has significantly lowered the natural defense of the oral cavity, since it will decrease the levels of a certain antioxidant called glutathione. Now, while these findings do show the effects of it and are still studies, they should be taken seriously. The biggest part of this, is that it leads to many different oral diseases, which in turn will cause problems with the overall health of the user, since the mouth and body have a barrier that is inherently connected. While normal cigarettes do rot your teeth, this can cause your oral cavity to die as well, lowering the defense system that you have, so in a sense, this can cause your oral cavity to die off, which is very troubling.

For many people though, this might be seen as the best solution to combatting a smoke-free life. Yes, while it is good, over the span of just 24 hours you cause those cells to die off, and typically, those that partake in e-cigarettes do smoke these frequently, so there’ no way to truly curb this.

In essence, the best way to quit tobacco usage is to just quit. There are other methods, such as the patch system, and if it’s really bad, you can certainly go to counseling for this situation, and they can help you with this. But e-cigarettes might seem like a great solution for the temporary help, but in the long run, it can cause other health issues as well, besides those in your mouth.

If you do need help figuring out how to combat this, the best way to do so is to go see your Bothell dentist. These people can help you figure out what you should do in order to combat these problems, including some therapeutic techniques, and people to see regarding the health of your teeth. Some might also give you alternatives which can help.

The best solution to any addiction is to quit, it, but that’s easier said than done. However, if you see someone young using this, especially in middle and high school, you should strive to cure this now. It’s in your best interest. A child’s mouth is still developing at the time, with teeth coming in each and every day. These teeth will fall out if they are baby teeth, but if you are killing the mouth cavity, you’re also killing the potential adult teeth that lay underneath all of this. That is a very dire situation, which leads to problematic consequences. The best thing to do, especially if you see a child using this, is to take it away and educate them on the important effects of e-cigarettes on your health, and the future health of your body.

Smoking is bad period for you. If you smoke, it can cause tooth decay, bad breath, permanent yellowing, oral cancer, and the like. But e-cigarettes aren’t that much better. No matter what age you are, smoking is terrible for you, and it can lead to developmental effects in the mouth in the future. The best mouth is the healthiest one that has their teeth around for a very long time, and that’s what you should be going for. If you do need help, dentists are always willing to listen, and often, they can give you some invaluable education on what to do in every single situation. Remember, our health is important, and you only have one set of adult teeth. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever, and the replacements are quite pricy. Get yourself the best health that you can, and do consider quitting whatever bad habits you might be partaking in as you go along. These habits, when quit, can add years to your teeth and overall oral health, which will allow you to feel better about yourself as well.


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